Resident Evil Re:Verse Has Been Delayed to 2022

July 15, 2021

Resident Evil Re: Verse has been delayed before, and it has now been delayed once more. Fans of the franchise will now have to wait until 2022 to check out this title.

The reason for the delay should sound pretty familiar by now: the team is hoping that extra development time will lead to a smoother experience for players. But since Re:Verse was originally scheduled to launch this month, news of the delay feels as sudden as it is disappointing.

The premise behind Resident Evil Re:Verse is fairly unique. Rather than focusing on exploring creepy mansions or scary villages, this game is all about multiplayer deathmatches. Six players clash in matches where you start out playing as familiar characters such as Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, and more.

However, these deathmatches have a special twist. After you are killed, your character transforms into one of the franchise’s famous bioweapons, allowing you to go after the other players as a powerful monster. And you can pick up special Virus Capsules that allow you to transform into even stronger and scarier creatures.

News of this delay may be especially disappointing to Resident Evil Village players. After all, many who bought physical copies of that game received a download code to play Re:Verse for free. While the new game has been delayed, Capcom recommends adding the download code to your account now and you can then download Re: Verse when it releases sometime in 2022.

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