Returnal Developer Still Hasn’t Figured Out Saves

May 14, 2021

Although developer Housemarque is working on implementing a save system into Returnal, the studio has confirmed that it is still some way off at the moment.

Unlike many other Roguelikes, which allow players to save the game mid-run, Returnal doesn’t allow players to quit the game without having to start over.

However, marketing director Mikael Haveri has now said that the developer has no announcement to make about a save system. Speaking to Axios Gaming on Thursday, he said:


“We understand that there are some systems in place that are currently a hindering factor. Currently, we just don’t know exactly what it is. So it’s very difficult to announce anything because I think there’s a lot of different people looking for different things.”

The lack of a proper save feature has been a notable criticism of Returnal from both reviewers and players. It is especially problematic because runs in the game can last several hours — a time commitment that most users simply cannot guarantee.

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