Riot Games Bans Valorant Closed Beta Account Resellers

April 9, 2020

VALORANT is on closed beta testing right now: you can play only if you are streamer or were lucky enough to get dropped key on Twitch. And since the cherished key is now considered as a scarce commodity, some people are trying to squeeze more money out of it.

Basically, you can get an account with access to “beta” on various Internet sites. For example, eBay price range is from $50 to $300. Riot Games have already commented such crazy demand: the company is not going to increase the number of keys to keep the game running. In addition, Riot assured that, together with Twitch, they are banning bots and do everything possible to ensure that ordinary players will get the access to the closed beta.


Riot stressed: the are banishing those who sell or buy accounts with access to VALORANT, and thus frees up space on the servers of the closed beta test. You don’t have to spend crazy money on dubious accounts – you can easily lose them.

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