Rumor: Two Silent Hill Games Are in Development

January 27, 2020

Twitter user @AestheticGamer1, who has shared Capcom leaks in the past, disclosed some information about the future of Silent Hill games. He states that publisher Konami was reaching out for different developers and looking for new ideas to resurrect the franchise. There are two projects: one is supposed to be a “soft-reboot” and the second one should be an episodic adventure, similar to Telltale games or The Dark Pictures Anthology from Until Dawn creators.

Previously there were some rumors about Kojima and Konami reconciling in order to create something. The genius Japanese game designer also stated in a recent interview with Famitsu Magazine that he wants to work on “smaller, episodic games” and still expresses his wish to create a horror game. Along with that he said that he still wants to work on a horror project, despite the fact that he’s afraid of horror films. So, Aesthetic Gamer guesses that one of these projects could be officially revealed this year.

Might this be a hint from Hideo? It’s been five years since Konami and Kojima broke up. During this time, P.T. has proven to be successful and fresh, even being just a playable teaser. Fans are still dissecting the game into components, looking for Easter eggs.

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