Saints Row Reboot Gameplay Footage Revealed

August 30, 2021

Developer Volition has released a teaser video for their upcoming Saints Row reboot, giving us our first glimpse of actual gameplay.

The focus of the video is a tour of Santo Ileso, a town in Southwest America where the game takes place. Your tour guides in this case are members of the Volition team as well as Bryce Charles, who plays the boss of this reboot. They serve to tell gamers more about this area and more about the titular Saints.


What does the actual gameplay footage tell us, though? Combat seems straightforward, with over-the-top fights and seemingly no cover system. In this respect, the reboot is what you’d expect: a bigger, better-looking version of the kind of action you’ve come to expect from the Saints Row series.

The Saints Row reboot releases on February 25, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. But if you’re a PC gamer, the title will only be available via the Epic Games Store.

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