Sony Removes Mario From PS4 Game ‘Dreams’ After Nintendo Complains

March 23, 2020

Sony has removed a popular Super Mario character model from the PS4 game Dreams, following a complaint from Nintendo. An enthusiast going by the Twitter handle @Piece_of_Craft had created a version of Mario in Dreams, which other players began to use.

@Piece_of_Craft revealed on Twitter that he received an email from Sony Interactive Entertainment. It says that his version of Mario was removed from Dreams at the request of Nintendo for a copyright violation.


Well, basically Dreams is filled with copyright infringements: players create their own content and naturally try to replicate familiar brands and franchises. For example, there’s Fallout 4 and an alternative version of Cyberpunk 2077 built in Dreams. But it seems that Mario was the first noticeable case when Sony was approached by the rights holder and demanded to remove the user content.

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