Sony to Shut Down PlayStation Communities on PS4 in April

March 15, 2021

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Communities feature on PS4 is shutting down soon.

A post on the PlayStation Support site notes that the feature “will no longer be supported or available on your PS4 console” as of April 2021. However, the company also makes clear that messaging and other elements of PlayStation Communities will still work via the PlayStation App.


This is the first time since the launch of the PlayStation 5 that Sony has made any significant moves to no longer support features on its older console. Over time, more services on the PS4 will likely be dropped as Sony pushes players to the latest console.

PlayStation Communities works in a similar way to parties on Xbox platforms. Users can create groups, post on message boards, and play games together using the feature. Last year, Sony made it impossible for players to create new private groups.

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