Sony’s State of Play For July 2021 Recap

July 8, 2021

Today was Sony’s latest State of Play, giving us a preview of the latest and greatest games coming soon for PS4 and PS5. And our recap will walk you through all of the biggest announcements!

We had glimpses of many great games during today’s state of play. Below, we have a quick breakdown of each and every one of them!

Moss Book II

Moss Book II (also known simply as Moss II) is an upcoming PSVR game. It is like a medieval adventure game with an interesting twist: you play as an absolutely adorable warrior mouse as he takes on fierce enemies!


Arcadegeddon is a frenzied combat adventure game with co-op for up to four players and fun PvP elements. Your goal in the game is to save your local arcade. If that sounds fun, you can check the title out on early access today!

Tribes of Midgard

Given the popularity of the Loki TV show, now may be the perfect time to check out the Norse-inspired action RPG Tribes of Midgard for PS4 and PS5. Today’s presentation gave us bits of news about season updates. This includes new loot, a new boss, new skill trees, and more new features.

Forged In Shadow Torch

Forged In Shaow Torch (also known as F.I.S.T.) is a dystopian platform adventure with a weird twist: you play as a bunny protagonist who looks like he is out to kick some cottontails! Release date is set for Sept. 7.

Hunters Arena: Legends

What sets Hunters Arena: Legends apart from other games? This title smashes fighting games and battle royale games together to create a unique experience with PvE, PvP, and customizable weapons. The game comes out next month, and PlayStation Plus subscribers can get it for free between August 3 and September 6.



Why waste words when actions will do the trick? That was the theme of the preview for Sifu, a kung-fu brawler. Aside from high-intensity martial arts action, all we know about this title is that it is coming out in early 2022.

Jett: The Far Shore

Ever want to just get away from it all? In that case, you may love Jett: The Far Shore. Today’s preview revealed a space exploration title with a lot of personality and endless possibilities for discovery. The game is coming later this year.

Demon Slayer

Maybe kung-fu is simply in the air these days? The Hinokami Chronicles was our second kung-fu action game reveal of the day. But what sets this title apart is its cel-shaded anime designs. Check it out on Oct. 15.

Lost Judgment

Trouble always comes in threes, and kung-fu trouble is no exception. Lost Judgment is a kung-fu action game with mysteries and detective elements at its core. If you liked Shenmu but wanted it to be faster-paced, you should scope this title out on Sept. 24.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

When Death Stranding first came out, it was proof positive that Metal Gear guru Hideo Kojima never lost his touch. Now that the game is a hit, players can look forward to a PS5 director’s cut featuring enhanced graphics and improved combat on Sept. 24.


The final preview today was an extended demo of PS5 exclusive Deathloop. This is an FPS game coming out on Sept. 14. The basic plot is like the movie Edge of Tomorrow: you are stuck in a daily time loop and must defeat your enemies and solve a variety of mysteries if you ever want to escape the loop.

What was your favorite game featured on today’s State of Play? Let us know in the comments!

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