Splitgate Will Remain in Open Beta Indefinitely

August 20, 2021

The FPS Splitgate has grown in popularity, and 10 million players have experienced the game’s open beta. But developer 1047 Games has now confirmed that the game will stay in open beta status for “the foreseeable future.”

This information comes courtesy of a press release from the developers. The delay is basically a result of the game’s growing popularity, and they need to add more scalability solutions to the game rather than simply relying on extra servers.

As CEO and company co-founder Ian Proulx said in the release, “In looking at the issues facing the scalability of the game’s backend, the process includes far more than simply dealing with server capacity. We are focused on keeping the game stable for fans, and iterating on the game’s concurrent capacity in order to minimize player wait times.”

Continuing, he said, “We want to do this the right way, and we want to be prepared for massive scale when we officially launch, all the while continuing to improve the beta with frequent updates, additional features, and improvements to server capacity.”


Where does that leave current players? While we don’t know when the beta is going to end, we do know that the current battle pass ends on Tuesday, August 24. So, the clock is ticking for players hoping to get all of the available items.

Speaking of ticking clocks, the devs teased that we may get more information about Splitgate at Gamescom on August 25. Perhaps then we will have a better idea of when this title (which entered Early Access back in 2019) will make its full release. Until then, though, players can look forward to content updates for this game through at least the end of this year.

Have you checked out the Splitgate beta on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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