STALKER 2 Teaser Gives Us First Look at the Game’s World

January 4, 2021

A new STALKER 2 trailer has emerged for the New Year. And this teaser gives us our first real look at the game’s irradiated world known as the Zone.

The trailer emulates gameplay with an entirely first-person view. We follow a STALKER named Skif as he tries to make his way across the Zone. Skif may be the protagonist for the game, but the trailer doesn’t make this entirely clear.

Is this trailer a good representation of the gameplay? On one hand, it gives us a closer look at the PDA players will use to manage inventory. On the other hand, these target-rendered trailers may not accurately represent what gameplay will look like on most PCs or consoles.

Until the game launches, though, these trailers are the only way to determine if this sequel will be as groundbreaking as the original game. And the release date for STALKER 2 is currently unknown.

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