Steam Launching Lunar New Year Sale in February

January 15, 2021

Steam is set to have its first sale of 2021 in February. The event, called the Lunar New Year Sale, will start on February 11 and run for five days through February 15.

As the name suggests, the Lunar New Year Sale is meant to be a celebration of Chinese New Year — which will take place on February 12 this year.

Although the sale has not been officially confirmed by Valve, the information comes from Steam Database, a very consistent and reliable source for leaks about the online outlet.


According to Steam Database, the source of the leak is a developer who is set to be involved in the sale. It is common practice for Valve to inform developers and publishers of sales in advance so that they can prepare properly for them.

Previously, Steam has used the Lunar New Year Sale to highlight games from Chinese studios along with other developers from Asia. So, it is likely that this will be the case this time around as well.

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