Switch/PC Cross Save Update for Hades Is Now Live

December 17, 2020

Supergiant Games’ title Hades has won over critics and audiences alike in 2020. And the game now features the cross saving ability players have been asking for.

Originally, Hades was going to launch with the ability to transfer saves between PC and Switch versions of the game. But this feature was put on the backburner to help the game ship on time.

Just three months after the game launched, this feature is now live.


Taking advantage of this feature is actually quite simple. Players just start the Switch version of the game, select Cross Saves, and then link the file with their relevant account on Steam or Epic Games.

This feature, combined with the balancing and graphical tweaks of the December 1 update, have made the game better than ever. And if you’ve been holding off on playing, now is a perfect time!

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