Dead Space Remake Changes Isaac In a Major Way

August 31, 2021

The Dead Space remake offers players new and old a new chance to experience the horrific adventures of Isaac Clarke. But the devs have promised to make one major change to this beloved character.

For the most part, the remake looks to recreate the tone and texture of the original game while offering some improvements to both graphics and gameplay. This includes giving players the Zero Gravity gun from Dead Space 2 and restoring content that was cut from the original release of the game. But the change to Isaac marks the biggest departure the remake makes from the original title.

What’s the change? Isaac will now have a voice in the remake. Originally, the protagonist was silent in the first game and had a voice in Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. In the remake, Isaac’s voice will come courtesy of Gunner Wright, the voice actor who brought Isaac to life for both the Dead Space franchise and even the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game.


Worried that the addition of a voice will ruin the paranoid atmosphere of the game? Don’t be. In the livestream below, the remake devs outlined two major rules governing Isaac’s spoken dialogue in the game:

The rules are simple: Isaac will speak when he is spoken to and will also speak up in situations where it would be really awkward that he remained silent. In other words, he will be quiet as you investigate creepy corridors and generally soak in the sheer dread of this atmospheric horror title.

When can we expect to play this game? While some rumors claim we could see this title as early as 2022, there has not been any official release date announcement. The title will eventually come out for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Until it does, franchise fans will have to tide themselves over with news and livestream events from the devs.

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