The Delayed Analogue Pocket Begins Shipping in December

November 22, 2021

The Analogue Pocket promises to be the best retro portable game system ever made, but it has been delayed three separate times. Now, however, Analogue has confirmed that it will be shipping this anticipated system on Dec. 13.

While Analogue confirmed that Pocket should be shipping no later than Dec. 13., the company warns that the shipping frenzy of the holiday season means those with pre-orders may receive their orders anywhere between Dec. 14 and Dec. 30. Additionally, for those who will be away from home during the holiday season, Analogue can hold your system and ship it out by January 3, 2022.


Analogue announced the Pocket way back in 2019. But what makes this little system so highly-anticipated? As an FPGA system, the Pocket can play portable games with more accuracy than standard emulation. It is designed to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games out of the box, and adapters will let owners play Game Gear, Lync, Neo Geo Pocket, and more.

The Pocket should be the best way to play these old games. In addition to modern features such as backlighting, users will view the graphics on a 3.5-inch 665ppi LCD display made of Gorilla Glass. And while all of this would have been cool enough, users are also hopeful for the future potential of this console.

For one thing, Analogue is creating a special operating system to help users enjoy this system, and they are encouraging users to develop their own games for the system. It’s not yet clear what this operating system will be like or if many users will develop games for the system. But the good news is that we should have answers to all these questions and more by the end of the year!

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