The Final Fantasy VII Remake Is No Longer PlayStation Exclusive

April 14, 2021

Part of what made the Final Fantasy VII Remake special was this it was a
PlayStation exclusive. That exclusivity ran out on April 10, but it’s a little early to get your hopes up for seeing this title on other platforms.

Why is it too early? Simply put, Square Enix has not yet made any statements about porting the title. So while it is likely we will eventually see ports, there are no specific plans on the horizon.


To make things even more complex, the game will soon be getting a PS5 upgrade (known as the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade). While that upgraded version is coming on June 10, it is not clear how (or if) this will impact the exclusivity period for the title. And if the upgrade has its own exclusivity period, then the company may have to wait longer before they can port the Intergrade version to other consoles.

Until Square Enix makes any official announcements, all we can do is wait. And PS5 players can look forward to their upgraded version, complete with enhanced graphics, a photo mode, a new episode featuring the fan-favorite character Yuffie.



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