The Last Guardian Runs at 60 FPS on PS5 When Run From Disc

November 9, 2020

The Last Guardian will run at 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 5. However, this will only be possible when players run a physical edition of the game.

YouTube channel NX Gamer discovered the fact that the higher frame rate is only possible when the game is played with the disc. The digital edition of the game will be capped at 30 FPS, meaning players won’t be able to experience the higher frame rates unless they own the original PlayStation 4 physical edition of the game.


The strange requirement has since been confirmed by other outlets. According to Digital Foundry, this is a result of the fact that the developer of the title added a frame rate cap post-launch via a patch to help stability. Playing directly from the disc effectively means playing without the updated cap.

The PlayStation 5 is set to launch in North America, Australia, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand on November 12 and will be available in the rest of the world on November 19.

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