The Last of Us Part II Job Listing Stokes PC Release Rumors

January 21, 2020

Naughty Dog is looking for a graphics programmer with PC development experience for The Last of Us Part II, stoking rumors that the PlayStation 4 exclusive could be getting a PC release.

“Join our talented rendering team to develop and implement new and existing rendering techniques for our upcoming game, The Last of Us Part II,” says the job description on Naughty Dog’s website. Potential candidates must have a “thorough understanding of current GPU architectures (AMD GCN, NVIDIA CUDA)” and even “experience with DirectX 12, Vulkan or other modern graphics or compute APIs.”


Naughty Dog had a similar job description back in 2016 and along with that it’s possible to speculate that both The Last of Us games might be ported for PC somewhere in 2021 or even later. That is just supposition, although the PlayStation exclusive game Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC indeed.

The Last of Us: Part II is slated to release on May 29. This time we’ll play as Ellie, although the previous protagonist Joel is going to appear in the game as well. Whereas the first game centers on love, Part II centers on hate.

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