The Much-Hyped Roguelike Insurmountable Will Release on April 29

March 22, 2021

Insurmountable is a roguelike with adventure elements that focuses on climbing a dangerous mountain. The game has received a large degree of hype from fans, and those fans will get to experience the game when it releases on April 29.

If you want to play the game on PC, then you should act quickly once it releases. It will initially cost $18 before the price increases to $20 on May 6. Console versions (including PlayStation 4, and PlayStation, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S) will come later, though the price and release date is unknown.

Also unknown is whether this game will make it to the Nintendo Switch. The developer has confirmed that such a plan was being considered by the team, but no definite plans are in place yet.

While Insurmountable will naturally appeal to fans of roguelikes, it has enough going for it to intrigue any player. The general premise is that you are climbing a deadly mountain with limited resources. Should you die (whether to foes, elements, or running out of vital resources), you start again at the beginning.


Like many roguelikes, the levels are procedurally-generated. So even though you are constantly dying and starting over, you’re never taking on the exact same challenge twice.

For players who rise to the challenge, the game has a lot of content. This includes three different mountains to master and three different difficulty levels. Finally, you can choose from three different characters who have different skills and abilities to suit various challenges and playstyles.

Honestly, it sounds like a roguelike unlike anything we have seen. Do you plan to play it? Sound off in the comments!



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