The Original Paper Mario Is Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

December 3, 2021

Nintendo fans with a Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership have been enjoying playing Nintendo 64 games. Now, the original N64 Paper Mario game is coming to the Switch next week.

The game officially drops on Dec. 10. If you’ve never played it, the title involves guiding paper cutout versions of Mario and his friends through strange new lands such as Shiver Mountain and Lavalava Island. While those lands were new to the franchise, Mario faces a very familiar threat in the form of his old foe Bowser.

Bowser gets a serious powerup in the form of the Star Rod. With it, he is able to launch Peach’s Castle far into the sky, all while finding the time to put the Star Spirits in danger. This gives Mario the tall task of helping both the spirits and Peach while trying to stay alive!


Speaking of staying alive, the combat in this game swaps out the platforming action for RPG-style rounds. There is also a healthy amount of puzzle-solving to keep players on their toes.

There is no denying that Paper Mario is an amazing title. But the jury is still out on whether the relatively meager selection of N64 and Genesis games justifies the cost of the Expansion Pack.

Will you be playing Paper Mario on the Switch next week? Let us know in the comments!

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