The Steam Game Festival Releases 40+ Free Game Demos Now Through March 23

March 18, 2020

Geoff Keighley was serious when he spoke about The Game Festival: the second big online video game exhibition is live now on Steam through March 23 at 10 a.m. PDT!

The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition features 40+ new free game demos, which were originally set for the now-canceled GDC event. That’s what Keighley said Tuesday on Twitter.

Previously, The Game Festival debuted in Steam on December 12 last year, right before The Video Game Awards started. Keighley explained that “not everyone can attend a physical trade show or consumer event” and therefore “The Game Festival is designed from the ground-up as an event without barriers, extending the benefits of a physical event to the global gaming community” and really, it was great! 

This is very good news for gamers at a time when the industry is struggling during the COVID-19 outbreak. Check out 8 Surprising Ways Coronavirus Is Affecting the Gaming Industry.

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