A YouTuber Has Adapted Ring Fit Adventure Controller to Dark Souls III

April 8, 2020

Youtuber Super Louis 64 uses unconventional ways of playing — for example, he played Halo 3 on guitar and Sekiro on drums. Recently, this enthusiasm came up with a new entertainment — he began traveling the world of Dark Souls III using the hoop controller from the Ring Fit Adventure sports game.

First let’s explain how Ring Fit works: you need to wear a joycon strap on your leg and take a RingCon hoop. So you need to run on the spot in order to move the character and compress or stretch the hoop for some exercises game wants you to do.


So, this guy published this Dark Souls III modification video on Reddit. Super Louis 64 runs on the spot to move his warrior, squeezes the hoop to attack and crouches down to receive Estus flasks.

As Super Louis 64 confesses, he was tired after two hours of such intense playing. The modification checks the player’s speed without letting him fool the system — if you move your legs too slowly, the main character will not move. What an awesome way to do some exercises during self isolation!

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