Things From ‘The Mandalorian’ We’d Like to See in Games

The first season of Disney+’s The Mandalorian became the content that Star Wars fans were starving for. Finally, we were presented with something besides movies and cartoons. And let’s face it: there was no cool games about Star Wars for a very long time until Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order came out.

The Mandalorian has proven to be quite intriguing, old school and stylish at the same time. It has a lot of elements that all other parts of the franchise have lost. So, here are a few awesome things in The Mandalorian we would like to see included in future games.

Be careful, because this post contains spoilers

More information about Mandalorians

Originally, the Mandalorians were an ancient race of warriors from a planet called Mandalore. But what did they look like? What happened to them? Why are they hiding? It would be great to see more stories about their origin because they seem to have a lot of amazing things to tell about. The canceled LucasArts game Star Wars: 1313 was supposed to tell those stories, so we still want to hear them.

Darksaber secrets revealed

A black lightsaber was shown in the last episode in the hands of Moff Gideon. One had never been shown in the movies. And its only previous franchise appearances are The Clone Wars animated series and the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. But the game didn’t reveal the origin of this saber. And we think the story of its creation and owners may be very deep and vital for Star Wars Universe expansion.


Heroes who are not Jedi

For a long time, it felt like no one could handle anything within the Star Wars universe without using the Force and lightsabers. Despite the fact that we have Baby Yoda and Moff Gideon was shown as a lightsaber user, this story was not about Jedi and Sith. It’s about one man’s journey and more or less ordinary people: mercenaries, pilots, bandits, and country survivors. And this was the perfect move: instead of getting another superhero Jedi Knight drama, we were presented with something that Jedis fought for: real life in a real universe.

Universe expansion

Here we can talk about planets and races. The first season was mostly full of deserts but we had enough deserts during the Skywalker saga. Other locations got less screen time, but they’re the ones that are of interest. Moreover, we still don’t know the name of Baby Yoda’s race, where are they from, and why is this race so special for the Force? I’m pretty sure that this would be something game-changing for the whole Jedi concept.

What about The Mandalorian do you think should be used in Star Wars games? Tell us in the comments below!

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