Travis Scott Earned $20 Million for Fortnite Appearance

December 2, 2020

According to a recent report, singer and rapper Travis Scott made plenty of money from his appearance in a live Fortnite event in April.

A source with knowledge of the financial agreements in place told Forbes that the hip-hop artist made an estimated $20 million. This includes his payment for his virtual performance in addition to merchandise sales.


Forbes notes that this was an incredibly lucrative event for the music star. His highest paid gig previously was just $1.7 million, while an entire tour that lasted for almost nine months made just $53.5 million.

Scott’s performance was one of the first major live events in Fortnite when it took place earlier this year, although they have become more common in recent months. Scott’s set attracted some 12.3 million concurrent players in total — a record at the time.

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