Trip and Tear? Doom Costume Coming to Fall Guys

December 3, 2020

From Godzilla to Sonic the Hedgehog, Fall Guys just keeps getting fun crossover costumes. And it looks like the next major costume will feature the protagonist from Doom.

This information comes courtesy of the official Fall Guys Twitter account. The tweet says only that it’s “time to suit up” and that the costume is coming “S O O N.” Beyond that, our biggest clue is a silhouette of the costume in question.

At first, fans could only speculate about whether that shadowy figure was the Doomguy or not. However, it wasn’t long before the official Doom Twitter account retweeted the original message and added only a single word: “D O O M.”

While that would seemingly settle the debate, some fans are still waiting for an official confirmation. It shouldn’t be a long wait, though, given the promise that we’ll see the new costume very soon.

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