UK Video Game Developers Join ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ Campaign

April 6, 2020

Some UK game developers have joined the ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ campaign being run by the UK authorities. Thanks to this collaboration, the games will call on every player to stay home.

The government hopes that the video games will help young people understand the importance of antivirus measures like social distancing. Activision Blizzard, Rebellion Developments and Codemasters have already signed up for the campaign. It has now been confirmed that ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ will be launched in Candy Crush Saga and Sniper Elite 4.

In DiRT Rally 2.0, the banners have already been added. On Tuesday, April 7 the game will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, so the timing is almost perfect.

So wash your hands, keep your distance, stay home and play video games — that’s how we win!

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