Upgraded Version of FIFA 21 Launches on PS5 and Xbox Series X

December 3, 2020

The PS5 and Xbox Series X version of FIFA 21 has launched today, a day earlier than EA initially intended to release the upgrade.

Anyone who already owns a copy of the game can get access to the special patch free of charge, with the update automatically downloading for those on the next-gen consoles.


However, players who don’t have the PS4 or Xbox One version of FIFA 21 will have to wait until tomorrow to get access to the new edition as the game will not be available at retail until December 4.

Users will need some extra space as the PS5 patch runs at around 50GB in size, while the Xbox Series X version needs 35GB of hard drive space. Meanwhile, the upgrades in FIFA 21 include improved lighting, more realistic models, and better animations when it comes to player movement.

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