Valve May Be Working On a Portable Steam Console

May 25, 2021

Earlier this month, we reported on Gabe Newell’s cryptic hint that Steam may be coming to consoles. But plans may be more ambitious than that: it looks like Valve is working on their own portable console called the SteamPal.

While nothing has been confirmed, Steam Database took a close look at the recent beta client update. There, they found reference to something called “SteamPal” that also had the codename “Neptune.”


Whatever this thing is, Steam Database discovered controller bindings, a power menu, a quick access menu, and settings for both WiFi and Bluetooth. These seem to point towards Valve releasing some kind of portable device.

Given Newell’s previous hint, many gamers are hopeful that this means Valve will be releasing their own portable Steam console. Now that the cat is out of the bag about what the company is working on, we are crossing our fingers for an official confirmation from Valve.

If this is a portable Steam console, what’s the first game you’ll play on the road? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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