Valve Site Lets You Check Steam Deck Game Compatibility

February 23, 2022

Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck looks like it will be the final word on mobile gaming. And now, Valve has launched a site to help you verify which of your games will be compatible with the new system.

The primary attraction of the Steam Deck is that you can play your PC games on the go in a system that looks and plays like a much, much beefier Nintendo Switch. But not all games originally made for PC will work well on the Steam Deck.

That’s why Valve launched this site. Once you log in with your Steam credentials, you can browse through an ever-growing list of games. Steam has several classifications for games: Verified (meaning it works as intended), Playable (meaning you can play it but it will require some tweaking), Unsupported (for games that just won’t work), and Unknown (for games Valve has yet to test).


A surprising number of titles are currently verified, and Valve is checking more every day. But don’t be surprised when things like anti-cheat measures affect compatibility (which is the case with some popular titles such as Fortnite).

When all is said and done, the majority of titles on Steam should be compatible in some way with the Steam Deck. Although we will know a lot more about compatibility and the system itself when it launches on February 28.

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