Watch 9 Minutes of Deathloop Gameplay in Official Walkthrough

July 9, 2021

Yesterday, Sony’s latest State of Play gave us glimpses of upcoming games, including the promising PC and PS5 title Deathloop. We got to see nine minutes of gameplay from this looping action game, and you can check those nine minutes out below!

The premise of Deathloop is that your character Colt is stuck on a day that he just keeps repeating. This is the same narrative formula that has given us great movies ranging from Groundhog Day to Edge of Tomorrow.

As in those movies, gameplay involves you trying to figure out how to break out of the loop. And in the nine minutes of footage, we see Colt hunting down one of the eight targets he must kill before his day restarts once more.

Generally speaking, everyone loses their memory when the day resets. The exception to this is Julia, a character who may serve as a powerful ally. In the preview, we see that taking out certain targets will increase Colt’s power, making it easier for him to take out other enemies.


Normally, you lose the powers and gears you acquired during the previous loop. By acquiring a substance known as Residuum from certain foes, you can preserve select powers and items. But you need to be mindful about which gear and abilities will be most useful on your next loop.

Perhaps the handiest ability is called Reprise. It lets you rewind briefly when you are killed, though you only get two uses of this per day. After that, your third death will forcibly restart the loop.

Deathloop comes out on Sept. 14. Will you be picking it up on the first day? Let us know in the comments!

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