WB Games Montréal Teases New Batman Game

January 10, 2020

WB Games Montréal, the developer of Batman: Arkham Origins, is teasing a new Batman game on Twitter again. The company previously made headlines last September when it tweeted this:

This animated GIF looks like the symbol of Talon, an assassin of the Court of Owls, the organized crime group from the Batman universe. In the comics, this group is connected to Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne’s adopted son and former Robin, now known as Nightwing.

Now, WB Games Montréal is at it again. Its social media accounts have posted the following pieces of a puzzle:


If you combine these three pictures, you get a logo of some kind of police department or… court.

So, it seems like the Batman game franchise is alive again. What will it be? A new game about Batman’s legacy, like the solo adventures of Nightwing? Or is Bruce Wayne going to take on the Court of Owls?

All we can do is just wait. As for now — tell us, which Batman game is your favorite and what would you like to see in future Batman games?

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