Xbox Consoles Can Now Run Google Stadia Thanks to New Microsoft Edge Browser

March 8, 2021

Microsoft is improving console web browsing with their new Chromium-powered Edge browser. As a result, users can now run Google Stadia on their Xbox consoles.

Right now, this new browser is only in the public testing phase. As a result, it can be accessed by users who are enrolled in the Alpha Skip-Ahead group. Such users can now access Microsoft’s updated Edge browser on their Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S home consoles.

Why is the Google Stadia connection so important? Stadia allows gamers to play powerful games using the cloud. Now, you can potentially play all of Google Stadia’s gaming library on top of the existing Xbox library.


While Stadia compatibility is arguably the biggest news, this browser update will also offer better compatibility with Discord, Skype, and anything else you do via browser. And this includes browser-based games that you play via your console.

Playing around with Stadia compatibility may also give users an important glimpse of the future for Microsoft. Coming this spring, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will allow cloud gaming on PC and iOS devices. And gamers across 22 countries can already experience Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games on their Android devices.

Love it or hate it, cloud gaming is here to stay. And Microsoft just quietly took a big step towards the future of gaming.



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