Xbox Game Pass Has Reached 10 Million Subscribers

April 30, 2020

Microsoft has announced the financial results of its Xbox business segment for the period ending March 31, 2020. There are a few interesting numbers to report:

  • The number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers exceeded 10 million people.
  • In the last quarter, Microsoft reached “record levels of engagement” — nearly 90 million active Xbox Live users per month.
  • “Hundreds of thousands” of gamers actively use Project xCloud, a cloud-based gaming platform currently in beta.

Xbox stays on the same level financially as the previous fiscal year: revenues from gaming fell by 1%, while revenues from “Xbox content and services” increased by 2%.


Microsoft notes a slight increase in revenue that is associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, since people are staying home and playing games. But the growth has not been very noticeable, because of “a high prior year comparable primarily from a third-party title.” Microsoft has not revealed which title they are referring to, but there is speculation it could be Red Dead Redemption 2 or Fortnite.

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