Xbox Insiders Can Now Suspend Games for Faster Downloading

March 17, 2021

It’s always frustrating when you’re waiting for a game to finish downloading on your Xbox console. Now, Microsoft is adding a feature where users can suspend a game you are playing in order to download another title at full speed.

Right now, the feature is only available to Xbox Insiders. They can find this feature live now on the Manage Queue page.


What makes this feature so special? While users always had the option to turn a game off to speed up their downloads, the new feature will allow you to resume the game you were playing on the Xbox One. And Insiders using Series X| S consoles will be able to quick resume and jump right back in.

This feature will eventually be available to all users, though we do not have an exact schedule for when it will happen. But it’s good to know that Microsoft is adding additional features to help players get back in the game that much quicker!

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