You Can Now Buy a Halo for Your Halo Infinite Character

February 10, 2022

Ever wanted your Halo character to have an actual halo? You can now buy one in Halo Infinite.

Don’t try searching the in-game store for “halo,” though. If you want this angelic accessory, you need to search for its proper name: “Perfect Circle.” The item costs 300 credits, which translates to about $3 USD.

As Halo accessories go, this halo is pretty posh. It’s animated, has eye-catching effects, and even looks good with some of your other accessories.

Recently, 343 realized they were charging too much for in-game items and they lowered prices across the board. Things like the Perfect Circle represent their latest attempts to balance price and value, though only time will tell how well players react to the price of this and other cosmetic items.

With any luck, new cosmetics and special events will keep the game’s player base satisfied. Season 2 of the game doesn’t start until May 3, and 343 wants to ensure that plenty of gamers are still playing in a few months.

Will you be dressing your own Spartan up with the Perfect Circle? Let us know in the comments!

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