You Can Now Play Watch Dogs: Legion’s Online Mode on Consoles and Stadia

March 9, 2021

Today, Watch Dogs: Legion launched an online mode that doesn’t cost anything to those who already own the game. Those playing the game via consoles or Google Stadia can now access this new mode.

Unfortunately, the online mode has been delayed for PC. But once devs fix an error that made computers using certain GPUs crash, they will release the online mode to PC players. The Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store will be getting the mode, as will subscribers to Ubisoft+.

What’s so special about this online mode? First, groups of up to four players can join up and enjoy an open-world co-op mode while completing various challenges, events, and other tasks.

Second, there are special co-op missions for two-to-four players. You and your fellow players help recruit a team to save London while taking advantage of some exclusive co-op game features and mechanics.


Finally, players can enjoy PvP combat in the game’s Spiderbot Arena. Up to four players take control of the titular spiderbots and engage in a robot deathmatch.

If you have a Season Pass for the game, two new missions are now available: Guardian Protocol and Not in Our Name. Guardian Protocol involves investigating AI overriding human decisions in drones and weapons, while Not in Our Name involves investigating a secret group who is using DedSec’s name to commit crimes.

The first four-player cooperative Tactical Op, “Leader of the Pack,” will be available on March 23. After that, there will be additional free content that includes free characters, new missions, and an Invasion PvP mode.

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