DayZ Author Hints on New Massive Survival Game

April 8, 2020

Dean Hall is the creator of the original DayZ modification for Arma 2. He was also working on the full version, but it was finished without Hall: the developer left Bohemia Interactive, founded RocketWerkz company and hasn’t brought any other projects to release yet.

In his Twitter Hall announced that Brian Hicks – former creative director of independent DayZ – started working for RocketWerkz. In the new studio Hicks took the position of executive producer and works on a huge survival game together with Hall. The new game has not yet been announced.


The RocketWerkz portfolio includes two VR games (Out of Ammo and Out of Ammo: Death Drive) and Space Stationeers (early access for the third year). Seems like these guys keep working despite the pandemic state of the industry. After all, the new massive survival game may have a huge success with such developers. Let’s wish them luck and not to stuck in the new development hell.

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