Epic Games Sues Apple and Google After Fortnite Is Removed From App Stores

August 14, 2020

On Thursday, Apple and Google removed Fortnite from their online app stores, citing a violation of in-game payment rules by its developer Epic Games.

The creators of Fortnite have criticized Apple and Google for high commission (up to 30%) of the Apple Pay service. This is the service that processes all transactions for applications in the Apple Store.

To get rid of the commission, Epic Games recently introduced its own payment system. This is the same system Epic Games uses to process financial transactions on PC, Mac, and Android. It allows players to save up to 20%.

It means that Epic Games decided not to charge players money that would have usually gone to Apple. Thus, a 1000 V-bucks used to cost $10, but if you make a payment using the Epic system, it costs $8.

Apple and Google considered it as a violation of their company policies. According to these rules, innovations can not be made without the approval of the moderators. So, this is how Fortnite ended up being removed.


In response, Epic Games has sued Apple and Google for violation of antitrust laws and unleashed the #FreeFortnite social media campaign. What’s more, Epic Games released a video in the style of “1984,” parodying the famous Apple advertisement.

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