Respawn Opens a Vancouver Studio Especially for Apex Legends

May 19, 2020

After a brisk start early last year, Apex Legends continues to grow to this day. The undying interest for the battle royal has encouraged Respawn Entertainment to open a new studio in Vancouver. The new one will help to develop the game further.

Respawn Vancouver is led by head of operations Henry Lee and team leader Steven Ferreira. They say that one of the main requirements for employment is the love of Apex Legends.

According to Lee, speaking to, Respawn Vancouver has existed for about eight months. They started supporting Apex Legends only now and have begun to open up to external hires. Working out of the existing EA Vancouver campus, the team is going to expand to about 80 people.

The new office has to take over the work of the Respawn California team. Dusty Welch, the company’s chief operating officer, hints that the shooter division may switch to other projects in the near future.

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