The New Devolver Direct Series Is Due Out in Mid-July

June 15, 2020

Devolver Digital is the indie publishing house that holds the most insane game presentations: they cut off hands right on the stage, sell Lootbox Coin with random exchange rates and do “Terminator” parodies. This year the show will come back a bit later than usual.

If the production of a new series of Devolver Direct will go on schedule, the broadcast might take place in mid-July. This year Devolver promises to tell about updates for already-released games, reveal release dates of expected novelties, and arrange a couple of premieres.

The previous Devolver Direct ended in a cliffhanger, so we assume that the best boss in the world Nina Struthers and other characters of the Devolver universe will be appear again. The publisher jokingly suggests to rewatch three days of their streams from E3 2019: “It’s a necessary 11 hour watch.” Get acquainted with the previous Devolver Direct or you may not know what’s going on!

Devolver will tell you more about its show later. Among the games that you can potentially catch on Devolver Direct 2020 are Serious Sam 4, Carrion and Shadow Warrior 3.

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