Turn-Based Tactics Othercide to Launch on July 28

June 17, 2020

Focus Home Interactive publishing house and Lightbulb Crew studio have presented a new trailer of Othercide, a grim turn-based tactics game where the army of Daughters fights against the deadly Suffering.

Battles in Othercide are based on accurate strikes and counterattacks. One of the key features is a dynamic time scale, which allows you to plan actions in advance. You can build powerful combinations and cheat the enemy. The developers also promise epic boss battles which represent the worst crimes of humanity.

You control the Daughters, the echoes of the greatest warrior in history. The outcome of each battle affects the fate of warriors, determines their abilities and shapes character. You have to make difficult decisions all the time: for example, sacrifice your ward to cure another daughter. The survivors of the battle become stronger.


According to the developers, Othercide is a game about how you constantly lose, but come back again and again. In addition to the gameplay torment, there is a deep and complex plot waiting for you.

Othercide is set for release July 28 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will appear later. The game can be pre-ordered in Steam and on Xbox One.

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