Out of the Park Baseball 17 Review

July 30, 2019

Out of the Park Baseball 17 is a game that wants your attention as well as your time. There are games that are great after a long day to unwind with. These games typically feature swift action, gratifying gameplay, and more than a few examples of classic escapism. Then, there are the games that you sit down to play that seem to make hours melt away. This is a staple of simulation games such as Out of the Park Baseball 17, and it does not disappoint.

Players familiar with this sports simulation series will feel right at home with Out of the Park Baseball 17. This particular entry in the series is not that different from previous iterations. But, Out of the Park Baseball 17 changes many smaller things in order to make the experience as a whole more convenient and manageable. Whether or not these upgrades warrant the purchase of an entirely new game is up to personal preference.


Out of the Park Baseball 17 is a finely-tuned baseball management simulation that caters to veterans of the series while serving as a capable jumping-on point for newcomers. Upon entering the game, you are met with various options on how you would like to play. Then, you are taken to a spreadsheet filled to the brim with information relevant to the game.

Out of the Park Baseball 17 | Gammicks

Newcomers might feel overwhelmed by the initial screens of detailed information. Out of the Park Baseball 17 isn’t a game you can just sit down and play with ease. The main title screen offers links to guides and forums with information to help you get started. You will soon be managing a season after a little bit of research and experimentation. Half the fun of simulation games is figuring out how all of the systems work, after all.


Out of the Park Baseball 17 is something of a marvel in how much control the player is allowed to have. You can micromanage virtually every aspect of your team without things getting too complicated. It might take a little time to get the hang of managing a team. However, the game offers plenty of options to help out until it finally clicks for you.

This amount of control extends to the playing field as well. The player is allowed to be involved in matches as they see fit. This could mean watching the game in a 3D space, a radio commentary, text updates, or even a top-down perspective to get a better look at what’s happening on the field. These perspectives can also be enjoyed together in order to provide the feeling of watching a dramatic game happen live.


Out of the Park Baseball 17 | Gammicks

Game Modes

Out of the Park Baseball 17 features all of the standard game modes you would expect from the series. The modes in question display the same simulated action of previous series titles with some grand upgrades. Naturally, the graphics are kicked up a bit, and the 3D simulations are much easier to look at.

An MLB Players’ Association license being implemented is one of the bigger changes. Your favorite players are all here, rendered in-game, and ready to play because of this. Major League players, as well as thousands of minor league players, retirees, and even foreign players are in the game. A very interesting addition to the game is improved by this.

“What If” Machine

Out of the Park Baseball 17 includes a mode that allows you to simulate historical games on your own terms. Players are now allowed to see if they can change the outcome of a game they didn’t like. The game also allows players to pit legendary teams or players against each other for kicks.

You can also create a team of baseball superstars to test how well they would have worked together. The simulation is so detailed that the results are usually very reliable, too. The game becomes a “What If” machine that can provide endless entertainment at this point.

Out of the Park Baseball 17 | Gammicks

Final Verdict

Out of the Park Baseball 17 is a worthy entry into this enjoyable simulation series. The game retains the classic core of everything that makes these games so good while making just enough improvements and changes to warrant a brand new game.

The graphics along with the new game modes and various quality-of-life changes make this an easy buy for anyone interested in the more technical side of baseball. It will definitely be the cause of many lost hours for unsuspecting players, as well.

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