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October 31, 2019

Apex Legend’s sudden release in February 2019 came with little fanfare or marketing. That didn’t stop the free-to-play battle royale game from becoming an instant hit. Within just a short time of its launch, it attracted millions of unique players. This led some to speculate that it could even pose a serious challenge to Fortnite.

Although it has not made a managed to make a major dent in the domination of Epic’s own battle royale hit, it still has a dedicated fan base. Just like with Fornite, which recently had its biggest update yet with its move into chapter 2, Apex Legends is constantly updating as well. Here is all the latest information about the title as it ends its third season.

All The Latest Information About Apex Legends | Gammicks

The latest update is Season 3: Meltdown

Much like other battle royale games, Apex Legends goes through seasonal updates every few months. These help to not only keep the title feel fresh but also ensure there is a constant stream of improvements and gameplay changes. Such changes keep the action as fun and balanced as possible.

The latest version of Apex Legends came at the start of October in the form of Season 3: Meltdown. As is usually the case, the new season brought with it a whole collection of new content. The most significant of which was a new map called World’s Edge. This replaced the King’s Canyon map from the first two seasons. There is also new music, emotes, loading screens, and an additional weapon known as the Charge Rifle.

There Is A New Legend Called Crypto  | All The Latest Information About Apex Legends | Gammicks

There is a new Legend called Crypto

In addition to the other content introduced in Season 3: Meltdown, players also got access to a brand new Legend. Crypto is a surveillance expert with a secretive past. Little is known about his real name or where he comes from. As a recon specialist, Crypto has special abilities linked to a Surveillance Drone that he can deploy. The Legend can deploy it up to 200 meters away from him and can mark enemies and objects. This reveals where opponents are to the player and their squadmates. The new character can also use a Drone EMP to damage shields and slow down enemy players.

New Halloween Skins Are Available | All The Latest Information About Apex Legends | Gammicks

New Halloween skins are available

To tie in with the Halloween season, the developers have also recently released a collection of spooky skins. That’s in addition to the overhaul that came to the game as part of the Fight or Fright event. As you might expect, these cosmetic items are all themed around scary things and objects. You can get a spooky clown skin or even one that is inspired by Count Dracula. There are also a variety of weapons skins you can unlock with the in-game currency.


Shadowfall Is a Zombie Inspired Infection Game Mode  | All The Latest Information About Apex Legends | Gammicks

Shadowfall is a zombie-inspired infection game mode

Also introduced as part of the Fight or Fright update is a new game mode called Shadowfall. Inspired by infection matches from other games, it sees 35 players dropped into a special nighttime version of the King’s Canyon map. They battle against each other until there are only 10 players left, and then join together to play as a team. The main difference is that once killed, players return as the zombie-like Shadows.

A New Training Mode Is Incoming | All The Latest Information About Apex Legends | Gammicks

A new training mode is coming

Apex Legends is set to get an updated training mode in the near future. Fans have been requesting a more thorough tutorial section for some time. Respawn Entertainment has taken this feedback and will also introduce a firing range. This will allow players not only to get to grips with the basics but also test out new guns and load-outs. It will be especially useful for experienced players who want to experiment outside of competitive matches.

Leaks Suggest the Next Legend Is Revenant | All The Latest Information About Apex Legends | Gammicks

Leaks suggest the next Legend is Revenant

Thanks to the efforts of several data miners, as well as leaked roadmaps from the developers themselves, players have a good idea of the Legends that are due to come to the game. This allowed fans to have a decent grasp of Crypto before he was officially announced.

Going from the leaks, it appears that Revenant is likely going to be the next Legend to release. Production notes show that the character is relatively far along in development. He even seemingly makes an appearance in the Fight or Fright trailer. This suggests he could have something to do with the Shadowkeep event. Possible skills for the Legend include a poison dart, the ability to climb higher walls, and a shadow walk that allows him to move silently for six seconds.

Other Legends Have Also Been Leaked | All The Latest Information About Apex Legends | Gammicks

Other Legends have also been leaked

The same leaks have also revealed other characters that could arrive in the near future. These include the likes of Rosie and Nomad, Legends who appear to have been in the code for Apex Legends since its launch. Rosie will apparently be able to steal items and find hidden loot. Meanwhile, Nomad’s leaked skills suggest he will have the ability to salvage scrap with a crafting table and carry extra loot in his backpack. Other possible legends include Immortal, Blisk, and Jerichom, although much less is known about these characters.

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