The Best Skateboarding Games to Try While Waiting for Skate 4

July 2, 2020

At one point, the skateboarding genre was one of the most popular in video games. The likes of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in 1999 brought the punk rock sport to a whole new audience. The popularity of that series led to a variety of other skateboarding games being released across different platforms. Some aimed for more realistic physics while others went down the route of providing a more fun experience.

EA’s Skate, which first released in 2007, has been one of the most successful skateboarding titles of recent times. Featuring a more complex but sophisticated control scheme, it appealed more to purists. Two more sequels followed, but the latest release, Skate 3, came out all the way back in 2010.

After a long wait and many rumors, Skate 4 was finally announced in June at EA Play Live. But a release date has not been announced and there is a presumably long wait ahead. With that in mind, here are the best skateboarding games to keep you going while you wait for Skate 4.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Activision recently announced that they would be remaking Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 for modern hardware. Rather than remasters, these are being built from the ground up and will release on September 4, 2020. Featuring all the original skaters, skate parks, and boards, the collection will take players back to where it all began. If you are new to skateboarding games, this could be a great place to start. Especially until Skate 4 launches at some point in the future.

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Touchgrind Skate 2

Touchgrind Skate 2 is a mobile game that involves using your fingers as legs to control the board. Anyone who has ever played with those toy skateboards that you can control with your fingers will get the idea. The simplicity of the presentation and intuitive nature of the controls means you can fully concentrate on the tricks. Touchgrind Skate 2 is also surprisingly deep for an app from 2013 and has enough to keep players engaged over several hours.

True Skate

Described as the official skateboarding game of the Street League, 2012’s True Skate is another mobile title. Unlike many apps, though, this game is full of depth and content. Using a refined touch control scheme, players can pull off a variety of tricks in a large open skate park. On top of this, there are challenges, slow-motion replaces, and global leaderboards. There are also plenty of customization options and a wide range of additional add-ons to expand the base experience.


Skate 3

What better way to wait for Skate 4 than by playing its predecessor? Even though it was released way back in 2010, it still holds up quite well in terms of gameplay. The culmination of EA’s skateboarding series, it made several improvements over the previous two titles. With refinements made to the core concept, this is one of the best skateboarding games ever made. If the recent news about Skate 4 has made you excited, you should try out this game.


SkateBIRD is a game that is coming in 2021. But with the situation over Skate 4’s release still unclear, this could well release before Skate 4. If it does, it is certainly going to be a game worth checking out. It’s also a title that might well appeal to a wider audience than most skateboarding games. Taking a more family-friendly approach, SkateBIRD is all about building a skate park to cheer up your friend. As an adorable little bird, you can perform excessive tricks like in the Tony Hawk franchise.

Skater XL

Like Skate, Skater XL is a game that emphasizes simulation. The developers are trying to produce the most authentic skateboarding experience possible. That means there are no over-the-top tricks or outlandish moves. Of course, all this doesn’t mean that it can’t also be fun. Those who have played praise the precise control they have of the board. However, the way it replicates the feel of the sport is also a great aspect of Skater XL. The game has been in Early Access on Steam and is getting a full release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on July 28, 2020.

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

The 2015 sequel to the popular 2014 game OlliOlli, this is an excellent alternative to most skateboarding games. It switches up the formula by taking place in a 2D world, acting as a kind of side-scrolling endless runner. Players have to get to the end of each level in one piece. However, points are awarded for carrying out tricks and there are plenty of secrets to unlock. Thanks to the fact it is available on such a wide range of platforms, including Android, Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, and PlayStation Vita, practically everyone can give it a try. 


Technically, Session is not fully released yet as it is still only in Early Access on Steam and on Xbox Game Preview. But that hasn’t stopped it from being played by a large number of players around the world. Designed as a spiritual successor to the Skate series, it aims for realism over action. That makes it very different to more arcade games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The focus on simulation can make it tough to play at first but once you master the complex control system, it is incredibly rewarding.

What are your favorite skateboarding games? Tell us in the comments below!

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