Epic Sending Fortnite Gifts to Influencers

December 22, 2020

Epic Games continues its messy war with Apple. In the latest move, Epic has sent major influencers Fortnite swag that takes a swipe at Apple.

Earlier in the year, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store because Epic did not want to pay the usual 30% cut on transactions. In turn, Epic launched a lawsuit against Apple along with a Fortnite video that riffed off of Apple’s classic 1984 commercial. Epic followed this up by launching a special Fortnite event around this controversy.

In their latest move, Epic has sent swag bags to select influencers. Each bag comes in an Apple-style white cardboard case and has a black jacket with “Free Fortnite” on there. Each bag also contains a Samsung Galaxy G7 Tablet with this message: “Fortnite was named the Samsung Galaxy Store Game of the Year for 2020.”


While Epic is trying to score points in the court of public opinion, it’s not clear if this will help them win their day in court. The company was counter-sued by Apple and Epic’s previous moves against Apple nearly cost countless developers access to the Unreal Engine.

To hear Epic tell the story, this is a fight against greedy companies who want too much money from developers. But only time will tell if they can win this uphill battle against Apple.

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