Gamers Are Not Satisfied With the Latest Inside Xbox

May 8, 2020

Players met this week’s Inside Xbox show with mixed feelings: there were premieres of new awesome projects but Microsoft repeatedly promised to show next-gen gameplay. Yes, there were some gameplay pieces in the commercials but mostly they were production trailers.

Probably, that’s why the approval indicators in social networks don’t strike the imagination: on the YouTube live broadcast it’s roughly 43,000 likes against 35,000 dislikes, and the video called First Look Xbox Series X Gameplay (the same broadcast, but without counting down) has about 17,000 likes against 22,000 dislikes. Among the most popular comments: “It seems that Xbox has forgotten what the word ‘gameplay’ means.”

Aaron Greenberg, general marketing manager of Xbox, reacted to criticism from users on Twitter: 


Let us remind you that Microsoft is going to talk about next-gen every month until the end of the year. What will happen with the Xbox Series X in June is still unknown, but the demonstration of Xbox Game Studios exclusives is scheduled for July.

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