Rumor: Star Wars KOTOR Remake Is in Development

January 25, 2020

A strange rumor is circling: the Knights of the Old Republic remake first rumored in 2015 is back in development, according to Cinelinx. Moreover, this is not a remake in the common sense but some sort of sequel. So, developers are trying to integrate certain elements of the plot in order to make it fit with current Star Wars canon.

That is all that we know, unfortunately. The sources speaking to Cinelinx do not know or did not say who is developing this game. Still, it is easy to assume that Bioware could be the developer, since both KOTOR games were developed by them. And although there are not many details in this rumor, it could easily appear to be true after the huge success that Fallen Order was for EA.

The fact is, the Star Wars universe is expanding and going to become something like Marvel Cinematic Universe. Knights of the Old Republic is the vital part of the whole saga fans were craving for a long time and it perfectly matches even with The Mandalorian. After all, it is Darth Revan who once smashed a Mandalorian fleet to a position that has been shown in the series.

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