Silent Hill and Fatal Frame Movies Are in Development

February 3, 2020

In a new interview with French website AlloCiné, Christophe Gans, director of the 2006 Silent Hill movie, has revealed he is working on two horror video game adaptations. The projects are Fatal Frame (also known as Project Zero or Zero) and… Silent Hill. Yes, that’s true — Gans is back to the work on the franchise Konami is trying to resurrect

Fatal Frame is a series of survival horror games and tells the story of a haunted house. Gans states that he wants to keep the atmosphere of the enclosed spaces and ghosts. This is basically what Fatal Frame always was: the game is based on actual Japanese urban legends and ghost stories. It would be cool to see this adaptation.

But a new Silent Hill adaptation is the most interesting news. Christophe Gans was responsible for the first Silent Hill movie and it was quite good. Some characters were swapped and some plot details were changed, but all in all it was creepy enough. Do you remember that scary siren sounds hinting that the hero was caught in an alternate nightmare reality? That’s what I’m talking about: Gans says he’s going to keep “the atmosphere of a small American town ravaged by Puritanism.”


Although the first film was received quite warmly, the 2012 sequel Silent Hill: Revelation, which Gans was not involved with, appeared to be nothing more than fan service and wasn’t very successful. The new chapter is a complete secret for now, but such amount of news about this beloved franchise makes us hope to see new stories from this scary and attractive town.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure we’ll hear something new about the Silent Hill franchise this year. Let’s hope this time Konami will not quarrel with anyone responsible for that.

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