Silent Hill Reboot and Silent Hills Revival Rumored

March 13, 2020

Silent Hill fans, here you go — more exciting rumors ahead! Previously, we reported about two rumored Silent Hill games in development. Now, sources speaking to have revealed information about these two games.

The first game is a “soft reboot”of Silent Hill being developed by Masahiro Ito (the artist who designed Pyramid Head), Keiichiro Toyama (head and scriptwriter of the first Silent Hill and three Siren games) and Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill composer). As you can see, this is a partial reunion of Team Silent — we can expect high-quality horror for sure. The game has reportedly been in development for about a year.

Meanwhile, the second game appears to be Silent Hills, the canceled Hideo Kojima title. Apparently, Sony is working on a reconciliation between Kojima and Konami. The fact is that fans have been clamoring for the infamously cancelled Silent Hills for five years now and Sony just can’t ignore it. So, they want Kojima to develop this game as Telltale-like narrative-driven title.


This sounds quite realistic. While both Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding’s in-game mechanics were questionable case by case, Kojima’s storytelling talent is obvious. Anyway, this Kojima Silent Hill game is still not a done deal — the soft reboot is the only SH game in active development.

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