WB Games Continues to Tease the New Batman Game

August 17, 2020

The fact that WB Games Montréal studio is making a new game about Batman is absolutely obvious. The developer’s team has been teasing this new project since last September. So, it’s no surprise another tease has arrived.

Today, the company tweeted a mysterious video with an equally mysterious message: “_ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ _ @r3dakt3d.”

The solution can be found at r3dakt3d.com — the countdown is now running there, and will end on Tuesday, August 18. Maybe tomorrow we will finally get the long-awaited Batman game announcement. But most likely, the reveal will be another teaser.

Anyway, it’s already announced that some information will be shared on August 22 during DC FanDome Virtual Experience. This date looks more like the announcement date.

Recall, according to rumors, the upcoming creation of WB Games Montréal is called Gotham Knights and has something to do with the Court of Owls.

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