More Silent Hill Characters Have Been Added to the New Dead by Daylight DLC

June 17, 2020

An add-on dedicated to the Silent Hill series has been released for Dead by Daylight. Thanks to the announcement back in May, we knew that Heather and Pyramid Head were being added to the multiplayer, but Konami gave the developers access to several more characters in the cult series.

Additional images are now available in the Dead by Daylight in-game store:

  • Lisa Garland (a nurse from the first Silent Hill) is a legendary look for Heather.
  • Alessa Gillespie (one of the central characters in the series) is a very rare look for Heather.
  • A couple of rare looks of Heather (not shown in the trailer).
  • “The corrupted” is a very rare look for Pyramid Head.
  • Rabbits with bloody mouths from Silent Hill 3 are very rare skins for the Legion.

Navigate through the gallery below using the right arrow button.

The Silent Hill chapter for Dead by Daylight is divided into two parts. The free part includes a new map called “Midwich Primary School.” Those who buy the DLC will get an access to a new killer (Pyramid Head), a new survivor (Heather, aka Cheryl Mason) and a universal amulet “The Seal of Metatron.”

Some fans hope that this is Konami’s way to remind the public of the series’ existence before the premiere of a full new game. There are a lot of rumors but no one knows when an announcement will happen.

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